Blatform is the world’s first Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency Economy Powered Business As A Service “BaaS” Platform

Business As A Service is the service that will be provided in the form of an integrated set of transactional and collaborative activities to start a business quickly.

Blatform will allow entrepreneurs and companies to start a new business and start creating revenue in days.

Concept of Business As A Service will allow entrepreneurs and companies to remotely run and monitor entire business verticals in the cloud and allow business owners to focus on their core businesses instead of running after setup and maintenance.

What does Blatform Solve?

Blatform will make it possible to start a business platform in days, helping all entrepreneurs and companies all around the world.

How is Blatform helping Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Community?

Blatform economy is natively working on Blatoform’s FORM token which is exchangeable to all other major cryptocurrencies, which means that any service or product can be purchased with only cryptocurrencies which is supporting the blockchain and crypto economy.

How Does Blatform Work?

An entrepreneur or a company will select one of the ready to start platforms, which mean businesses at Blatform, accept the agreement, meet the financial conditions, finish the initial configuration and will start the platform under platform owners Brand & Logo.

Unlimited Growth and Business Opportunities

Different Platform Models for Business Growth

Blatform’s own created platfoms will be consist of Margin Trade, Spot Exchange, NFT, Security Token Offering, Decentralized Finance, Datacenter & Cloud, Blockchain Charity, Blockchain iGaming and Blockchain Agriculture businesses.

In time Blatform will develop more platforms, and more importantly with “Platform Partners” Blatform will create more business lines to reach thousands of platforms to reach millions of end users.

Platform Partner Ecosystem

Blatform will open the total infrastructure to all Blockchain Technology and Service Developers who want to create Platforms at Blatform.

This way Blatform Platform Partner will create services on Blatform and will open it worldwide to Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Community, Entrepreneurs and Companies, and will reach more customers. This way Blatform will also grow exponentially.

Solving Entrepreneur’s Problems

Small Medium Businesses are more than %99 of the world’s business, leaded by entrepreneurs. And every entrepreneur has similar problems, capital, financing, cash flow, creating profitable business, hiring employees, time management and business growth.

Blatform is the perfect answer to start a business quickly , with minimum cost and make it profitable.

Low Entry Pricing for Entrepreneurs to start a business

Blatform Platforms are starting with White Label Platform model with the minimum available pricing on the market. When entrepreneurs’ business grows it will be able to upgrade to second level, Private Label Platform.

At the end if platform owner want to develop a special platform for the business demand it will be possible to upgrade to Full Custom Platform and change every part of the platform.

Supporting Blockchain, Crypto Economy & Community

Adding Value to Crypto Community

BBP is like a White Label Platforms, but more flexible and can be upgraded to a Private Label Platform which can be upgraded to a Full Custom Platform when business grows.

Adding Value to Blockchain Projects

BBP is like a White Label Platforms, but more flexible and can be upgraded to a Private Label Platform which can be upgraded to a Full Custom Platform when business grows.

Why invest in Blatform?

Blatform ICO Investment Benefits

Blatform ICO is going on and will end on 27th November 2021. During the ICO Blatform FORM tokens are sold discounted, early the purchase, better the discount.

After ICO Benefits

After the ICO it will not finish, you can get benefit of monthly staking rewards, better discounts at platforms.

Blatform Token In The Middle of All Platform Transactions

For all Blatform Platforms, platform setup costs, platform fees, and all related costs can only be paid by Blatform FORM Tokens.

Continiously Increasing Token Value

All of the transactions need to be done by FORM token, which is done by market purchase prices which is a natural action to increase the price of FORM token. Every new platform will increase the momentum on the price increase.

Growing Business Model

Blatform and Partners will create more platforms for entrepreneurs and companies continuously, and with every new platform business, hundreds of new platforms will be deployed to grow the business.

About Blatform

Blatform’s founders and management have more than 20 years of business experience, supported by a team of software development experts. All the team is actively managing different blockchain, finance and business verticals, all related to, and the base of Blatform.

Blatform is started UK based but will be moving to the road as a Swiss based company, a country supporting Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Business.

Blatform’s biggest power is the international business culture, to be very well connected to blockchain and fintech providers all over the world.


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